How to renew your ICF credential

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We are coming up to renewal time for ICF coaches and that means if you got your ACC three years ago, you need act now -start work with a mentor so you can renew your ICF credential.

Renewing your ICF credential

Did you know that for people wanting to renew their ACC the ICF requires an additional 10 hours mentor coaching over a minimum of three months? So if you have a December renewal deadline, you need to act now.

Remember that feeling you had when you got your credential? All your hard work and significant financial investment paid off. The hours spent practicing, the transcriptions and recordings you worked hard on. Being awarded the credential showed you had reached an international standard that tested all your training alongside significant professional experience – plus you got a cute button badge to prove it!

The ICF asks us to renew our credentials every four years. This reflects the importance of making sure our competencies and knowledge stay current and evolve with our clients’ needs. For ACC coaches the renewal cycles offers further significance – we are asked to work with a mentor coach again, this is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made in the years since our credential was awarded. To check in with our competency framework and ensure we are meeting all professional and ethical guidelines.

You can find out more about the mentoring programmes I run here

To find out about the requirements to renew your ICF credential, click here to view details on the ICF website


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