Coaching Presence Academy is home to a range of courses that help coaches explore deep presence.

Presence is the essence of a good coaching conversation. That space where coach and client are in true partnership. Based on trust and rapport, built on a solid ethical and mutually designed foundation. Presence is where the magic happens.

We must believe that our clients are resourceful and whole. That they can do the work. Our job is not to step in and offer our own solutions – this breaks the magic. Our job is to support our client and believe in the process and in them as they grow.

Coaching presence is about how we as coach hold the space in which our clients can do this work. We are the cauldrons within which we provide compassionate attention to spark this transformational process.

Coaching Presence Academy is on a mission to help people connect with themselves, with each other and with our world. We do this by helping coaches develop their work. We also help coaches understand how to thrive – through understanding the basic principles of success in this profession and the importance of nurturing their own well-being.

If you want to get a sense of the Coaching Presence ethos before buying a course, we have a group on Facebook and welcome any coaches who are passionate about their work to join. We run a closed group for course participants, with regular interactive sessions. There is also a Coaching Presence podcast and newsletter.