Five reasons to find your coaching niche

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When I was setting out on my journey as a professional coach, I hated the idea that I needed a niche. I imagined me in my niche a bit like the cat in the photo - in a hole. Yes, cats find holes cozy and secure - I would feel stuck.


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What is reflective practice?

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Reflective practice is one of those terms that many people think is a good idea, but not everyone understands. So what is reflective practice? And more importantly, how can coaches develop a reflective practice? 

Reflective practice is the process of re-examining what happened during our work. The focus is on doing things better, in taking time to notice what you missed in the heat of the moment. 

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How to renew your ICF credential

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We are coming up to renewal time for ICF coaches and that means if you got your ACC three years ago, you need act now -start work with a mentor so you can renew your ICF credential.

Renewing your ICF credential

Did you know that for people wanting to renew their ACC the ICF requires an additional 10 hours mentor coaching over a minimum of three months? So if you have a December renewal deadline, you need to act now.

Remember that feeling you had when you got your credential? All your hard wor…

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